Rhino 6 Wish: Direct Shortcuts

Direct Shortcuts like sketchup, Modo, Lightwave or Photoshop. Just press the letter and the tool is activated. no enter, no right clicks or any other key. It’s one click less hundreds of times… I know Rhino has more commands than the ones that can be directly mapped, even with one modifier  (ALT, CTRL, SHIFT) or with a combination (ALT+CTRL, ALT+SHIFT… ) , so the user could access the command line with a special key. For instance press “c” and then start typing the whole command. That wouldn’t happen too often after getting to know the keyboard. And maybe these direct shortcuts could be deactivated via the preferences for more traditional users.
In my opinion this streamlines the workflow dramatically.


I kind of like the idea, but not for those of us who type a lot of commands. So it should be an option and not the new default IMO.

Btw: I use space instead of enter. Much faster.
Example is “zs space” for zoomselected and “m space” for move.

Follow @Holo tips and use the “Drunken-Rhino” style hahaha :smiley:

i guess that article is a bit outdated… rhino OSX has keyboard shortcuts and you can use single keys (as suggested in the OP) at that… (though i don’t use any single key shortcuts… i use a lot of key+modifiers – ⌘J join …⌘T trim… ⌃⌘S,R,G,W (shaded,rendered,ghosted,wire modes) etc but i also use a lot of 1or2 letter aliases with the spacebar… the aliases and shortcuts account for maybe 60-70% of my uses and the rest are via typed commands… (mixed in with the rare icons/menus)

i (personally) think there are too many commands in rhino for single keystroke shortcuts to be the norm but if you really wanted to, you could set up mac rhino to work that way… the default to bring up the command search dialog is ⌘K (but you could change that) which, when active, won’t trigger single keystrokes so you can type in there like normal without worrying about triggering a command which is assigned to a single key.

point being- those of you with macs available can use them to test @Frane’s idea out to see how it translates to real world usage.

[quote=“jeff_hammond, post:4, topic:7119”]
rhino OSX has keyboard shortcuts and you can use single keys (as suggested in the OP) at that…[/quote]
And can you do that in the Windows version? I haven’t worked it out.