Karamba's analysis results are landscape orientation

Karamba’s analysis results are landscape orientation.
When I connect Arch and Line, it turns sideways.
As a caveat, the following is displayed.

「There ar 6 rigid body modes in the system. This means some parts can move freely without causing deformation. Try to use the ‘Eigen modes’-component and activate the display of local coordinate axes:The first eigen-mode will be the rigid body motion.
If this does not help,check whether you have a pinned support directly attached to a hinge. A hinge introduces an extra node which may cause the problem.
When analyzing a flat shell structure one has to lock the rotation perpendicular to hte plate in at least one node.」

Do I need to use the unique mode?
I think parsing and unique modes are different.

karamba line arch.gh (44.5 KB)

Hi, remember to flatten all your inputs as you have multiple models in your setup, two models with the same elements but with different supports

Thank you for your prompt reply!