Tree Column structural analysis in Karamba

Hi all!
I am getting this error in Analyze component: 1. There are 5 rigid body modes in the system. This means some parts can move freely without causing deformation.
“Try to use the ‘Eigen Modes’-component and activate the display of local coordinate axes: The first eigenmode will be the rigid body motion.
If this does not help, check whether you have a pinned support directly attached to a hinge. A hinge introduces an extra node which may cause the problem.
When analyzing a flat shell structure one has to lock the rotation perpendicular to the plate in at least one node.”
I came across the same question in discussions but still haven’t been able to solve it. Can you, please, have a look at it: (33.4 KB)

Many thanks for considering my request.

Hi, your plate and columns are not connected. Make sure the column end points are integrated into your mesh

Please refer to Karamba3D TidBits #24 Shells and Beams on Vimeo