Export size issue


I have an issue while exporting my file from rhino to robot. Previously it worked fine when I did my drawings in meters. Now I have changed my drawing unit to mm. All my units are now 10^3 too big when I import my file to robot structural analysis. PLz help


The export is otherwise correct but the loads and sizes of elements are wrong. Elements are in the right cross section but they are too long. I noticed that this change occur when I changed the karamba settings component from m to mm, but for some reason it doesn’t change the export file to right format. I tried to change the karamba.ini file as well.

Hello @Niklas2,
do you use the latest service release of Karamba3D (see here: Releases · karamba3d/K3D_NightlyBuilds · GitHub)? In version there was a fix for a units conversion related bug in the DSTV-exporter.
– Clemens

When you change units in Rhino (‘View | Display Options… | Units’), this scaling dialog box should appear - click “Yes”.:

By updating both karamba and rhino to the newest versions helped. Thank you!