A smooth BIM/FEA Workflow in Rhino

GeometryGym has implemented an exporter for Karamba (GrasshopperStructuralAnalysisplugin) to IFC, where the data can then be used to import into commercial structural analysis software such as GSA, SAP2000, Robot, Sofistik, SCIA, etc. Often projects have clients that mandate particular commercial software (orrequiresoftwaretobecertified).

Directly exporting the Karamba database saves users from manually rebuilding the model in alternative software (ormaintainingduplicatesofcomponentswithinGrasshopper).

This could also easily be used for RhinoBIM, and potentially visualArq (ifdesiredtoprovidefunctionalityforengineers). And structural analysis is only one aspect. IFC is also capable of conveying other types of analytic information such as energy, environmental, MEP and simulations such as pedestrians.

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Posted Nov 13, 2014 by Bob McNeel on Rhino News, etc.