Karamba shell line


I am very new user of karamba 3D. I have found one example on karamba 3D website on shell stress line analysis. the stress line result they have for their loading condition is not symmetric. is it suppose to be symmetric ? 2019-03-02%2000_16_58-Input%20Surfaces%20and%20Analyze%20as%20a%20Shell%20%E2%80%93%20Karamba3D

Hi @hass,

I’ve only rarely worked with karamba 3D, but apart from the vertical loads, there seem to be horizontal forces (i.e. wind) applied from the left to the right (cf. little vector preview) of the rectangular geometry. My guess would be that this causes the slight deviation from horizontal symmetry.
Furthermore, it could have something to do with the makeup of your input geometry (tessellation, topology, etc.) and the material presets in karamba (if there are any).

I’m sure Clemens from @karamba3d can explain this in detail.

thank you for your reply. so far I haven’t seen any application of horizontal loading to the model.

I will be grateful if Clemens could help me.