Karamba shell evaluation

Hello everyone

I am trying to analyse the stresses that occur in a designed shell surface.
When I apply only dead-load (so the own weight of the shell), the stresses are not equal in the left and right part of the shell.
The same for the deformations, only one side deforms (and the different parts come loose, even though it is a welded mesh)

Anyone an idea why and how to solve this?
Thanks in advance!

20-05-20.gh (306.0 KB) def perspective def top why left is not equal to right


i tried to run your definition but your analysis components seem doesnt work properly.
So i just add new assemble, analysis and model view components with my version (1.3.2)

If you look your deformation your meshes are not welded, that is why you cannot find an symetrical deformations and symetrical stresses.

Note : Are you sure about your E and fy values (kN/cm2)
You do not have to put a factor of 9.6 gravity load

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Hi :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answer. I replaced the components you mentioned, but still get the splitting…

Did it work for you, with your 1.3.2 version? If so, could you please share your file?

And yes, I am sure about the material properties (it is a soil mixture, that’s why those values are rather low)

Many thanks!

the code worked when I joined the mesh in rhino first

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