Crashing Karamba

When I attempt to add a block beam load to my assemble model the software crashes stating ‘Not Responding’.
I have repeatedly tried it to no avail.
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please share your script so that we can see what the issue might be

Thank you for your reply.
You have been a great help!
I decided to apply point loads instead and reduced the number of nodes in the roof elements so it is clearer to interpret. I applied the point loads at the location of these nodes. However when doing so I have now faced another issue.
The model now appears to have 37 rigid bodies.
I have used the eigen modes component and it appears some of the beams are not connected to the boundary beams allowing them to move.
I have also checked with the connected lines component and it states that many lines are not connected.
However when creating the model, the boundary beams and roof beams intercept at the same points. In addition I added fixed joints at these locations.
Diss Karamba(1).gh (195.9 KB)
Thank you!

Hi, i do not understand why you defined individual LinetoBeam elements for all your separate beams, and why you released all the joints between the beams.

As a default, all beams in Karamba are rigidly connected, and if you want to define a joint, you need to do so with an element id. Those components currently do not do anything

The main issue is that you have many parts of your model not connected:

I would recommend taking a look at our extensive range of examples and video tutorials to understand a bit more about how to set up your Karamba model accurately.