Karamba - Basic structural Analysis of a mesh model

Hi Everyone,

I have created a model in rhino and would like to do a structure analysis using Karamba, however the model I have made is as close to the real thing as i could achieve instead of a line drawing, so its closed mesh objects and so on. Is ther a way to do a simple structure analysis still? Or will it have to be redrawn?

thank you very much

This might be the answer to your question.

Hi p1r4t3b0y,

I did see that thread, however it gives me an answer I didn’t want! haha. I was hoping someone might have a suggestion to work around it, or a way to do the lineversion with cross sections quickly…

Thank you for your help though.


Hi @chris17,
unfortunately there is no other way in Karamba to turn your geometry into a model for analysis other than modelling the line axes of the geometry. Once you have the line axes, you could however write a short script to extract the rough cross section sizes from your actual geometry.

Hi Matttam,

Thank you for your reply. I have gone ahead and done the line model, can you advise any recommendations for the simple script you are referring to?

Thank you very much for your help!


Hi @chris17
unfortunately there is no script already available, but you simply do create a perpendicular plane on each curve axis and then intersect the plane with the actual geometry. This can then give you a rough size of the cross section. However if you only have a small geometry, it might be easier to simply define the cross sections manually.