Simple Structure Analysis

Hi Team,

I am having trouble with the below script, can anyone advise a workaround or how to resolve it? I just want to be able to see a basic analysis showing compression members and tension members…

Thank you for any help!

Chris (92.0 KB)

Hi Chris,

  1. your geometry is not split at their intersections with each other - use the connected Parts component to check with parts are connected.
  2. you should use the analysis for the actual structural analysis
  3. the cross sections are not defined properly.

Please refer to some examples on our website ( to check the proper set up of a Karamba analysis to get a better guide on how to set up your model.

Hi Matthew,

I have been trying to figure out how to define the cross sections but cant seem to be able to get it to work. I have made it exactly as per the example you sent me to refer to, but its saying “cross sections need to be bigger than their family member”?

Im sorry to keep bothering you with this, but any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Chris (146 KB)


Hi Chris,
Karamba3D interprets all geometry to be given in meters (or feet in case of using Imperial Units). Your model has a size of roughly 79 kilometers. Probably you have a scaling error.
One can check the characteristic size of the model by plugging it into a ‘Panel’-component.