Karamba analysis of two elements

I am trying to calculate a model that has a rope surrounding it but even though the supports are located inside the elements points, there is an error appearing when connecting the supports panel. I tried to analyze them separately but the same problem happen.
In this case, the ropes should be the support and the membrane holds the internal pressure.

ropes_SPB_92521.gh (55.9 KB)

Hi Luciana,

It seems that you have some mess regarding the points input data structure. You´re providing a data tree with thousands of points, but it seems that you only want the 216 points (highligted in green in the image). The Elements input of Assemble Model component are also a data tree. Try to provide just the elements you want as a flattened list without duplicates.

I hope this helps!

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Also make sure that you flatten your inputs otherwise you are creating multiple models.

Hi Vigardo thanks for your answer, I tried to do delete the duplicated points then list and flatten but still the result in assemble model turns in RED. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi, you need to make sure to flatten your inputs in the Assemble Model component

Still it remains in error

ropes_SPB_92521.gh (54.7 KB)

Hi Luciana,

I´m afraid that you´re not understanding what a Flattened list is. You´re not providing a 216 points list. You´re providing over 8000 points in a complex tree structure.

Your Mesh to define Internal Pressure has many triangles (nearly 20 k). Such a detailed model will make FEA crash or run very slowly… watch out :slight_smile:

You should check all dashed lines in your sketch. Assemble component usually works with plain lists (flattened lists). Perhaps you would follow some simpler Karamba3D example before trying such a complex model.

I hope this helps!

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thanks I actually change the script and I did have the result but the top part of the shapes comes in a straight line (triangle top part) and not as a half-circle as the original shape is. I connect the edges to the curve and then to the line to the beam and the result comes like this.

ropes.gh (101.5 KB)

Karamba automatically takes all curves input as a straight line from start point to end point. Therefore if you input a Nurbs curve with curvature of 2 or above, it does not take the direct curve. This is the same with polylines. You need to explode your curves and then discretise them into smaller line segments

what exactly do you mean by discretise them? I already tried exploding them but did not work

ropes.gh (89.4 KB)

You need to rebuild the curve as a polyline and then explode it into line segments before bringing it into Karamba.

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thank you it worked!