Model cable elements with Karamba?

Is it possible to model cable elements with Karamba? If yes, how ?

Hello @Charles_THIERRY_DE_V,
if the cables are prestressed, you can calculate them in Karamba3D using second order theory (Th II) analysis and truss elements (see ‘’ in ‘…\Karamba\Examples\TestExamples’ ).
This kind of analysis is based on the assumption of small displacements and that the prestress in the cables is sufficient to prevent compression under all possible loads-cases.


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Hi @karamba3d, I have the same problem. I’m trying to model a steel gridshell made of Circular Hollow Sections and Cross-Bracing Cables. How Can I analyse the CHSH sections and cables in the same model please?

by using element Ids and branches you can define different cross sections for different beam elements. Refer to this example on how to do this:

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I’m writing to kindly clarify that I’m defining a tension-only member in the correct way: i.e. by choosing Rope PE family of cross-sections, and turning off bending and buckling in the modify element component.

Furthermore, what is the difference between Rope PE, Rope PV, and Rope PG please?

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Hi @jfarrugia96,
rope PE, PV and PG are different types of ropes produced by the company Pfeifer (see here).

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