Karamba 2.2.0 12 in Rhino 7 SR8

Hi everyone,
I installed Karamba 2.2.0 12 in Rhino 7 SR8, but when I open GH, it complains that:

I can’t upgrade Rhino since it is on a University laptop. Is there a way to downgrade Karamba 2.2.0 12? Or alternatively, a K220 build that was built to SR8?
Thanks in advance, Eduardo

PS: Shout out to the good people at @karamba3d :smiley:

Hello Eduardo,
you can download older versions of Karamba3D from here: Releases · karamba3d/K3D_NightlyBuilds · GitHub.
– Clemens

Thank you Clemens.
I would gladly try them all out if it was my laptop. But because it is a University laptop, every time I want to install a different version I need to ask someone from the IT department to do it.
Is it possible to know against which Grasshopper / Rhino SDK version was each Karamba version in GitHub NightlyBuilds built against? Is this information visible on GitHub, or in the code itself?
Thanks again, Eduardo

Hi Eduardo -

If that is the case anyway, the better alternative surely is to get Rhino updated to the current SR 17 version?

Hi Wim,
Easier said than done, IT said they can’t update Rhino for continuity reasons (whatever that means…)

However, I just thought of this method (thanks Wim?): I found out when SR8 and 9 were launched here (Rhino 7 Service Release Available - #12 by brian) and tried the Karamba 2.0.0 version released between them from the Nightly Builds (link in @cp1’s reply).

And it worked. Not sure if this is useful for anyone else, since this seems like a dumb problem to have, but here it is anyway!
Best, Eduardo