ERROR while installing karamba to grasshopper

Hii, Can someone help me with installing Karamba for grasshopper.

I tried installing Karamba3D 1.3.2 (Rhino6), but while opening Grasshopper it is showing this error.

“The karambaGH library component was built against a newer minor version of grasshopper SDK:
Local SDK: 6.1.18023.13161
Reference SDK 6.16.19190.7001”

Hi - that message says that you are running 6.1. The current version of Rhino 6 is 6.17 with release candidates for 6.18 available. Please update your Rhino.

Hi, I´m a Grasshopper student that is experiencing a similar error. Unfortunately, I cannot update Rhino6 to its latest version on my system.

Any website with links to older Karamba versions? Any workaround?

Should any newer version than 6.16 work?

Hi - what is the problem with the latest version on your system?


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Hi Wim, don´t worry, I´ve just updated Rhino6 and everything works fine now. I thought I had to reinstall all plugins… but fortunately it is not the case. Thanks!