Kangaroo's SimpleRemesh needs some love

Over and over again I need to make my meshes isotropic, but the component which I had so much hope in still doesn’t do the job (it always fails with some error message). No luck, on any mesh.

I thought @DanielPiker had given a New Year resolution about fixing this very soon, but perhaps it was only in a dream… :wink:

// Rolf

If you could extract duplicate the trouble areas so the errors can be reproduced on as simple examples as possible then I bet that would be a huge help :slight_smile:

Hi @RIL,
Yes, I’m working on it!

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The problem has occurred on all meshes I have tried, and I have no idea which parts are causing trouble since any valid mesh seems to cause problems.

Yay! (hope restored) :slight_smile:

// Rolf