Kangaroo vs. Kangaroo2

Hi,k1VSk2_v1.gh (176.5 KB)

I’m wondering if anyone might explain the difference between the forces/goals in K1 and K2?
Please find attached an example with the two producing seemingly very different geometries from similar nodes.


Hi Ivelin, thanks. I’ve read through that before but it doesn’t really answer my question.

The taller geometry was obtained from K2 while the shorter K1:

Hi @timothytai,

Yeah, sorry, that’s as much info as I can give you. I just saw you had no answers and tried to help as much as I can.

I tend to stay away from Kangaroo (either versions).

Good Luck,

Both results seem to be pretty much the same to me.(K2=Much faster)

k1VSk2_v1_re.gh (40.6 KB)

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Hi Timothy,

The difference between your simulations was the rest length of the edges. Once these are made the same, both solvers converge to exactly the same geometry.

The mouse-over description of the Length input in the K2 ‘Length’ goal - "Length - if none provided, starting length will be used"

Whereas for the “RestLengthFactor” in the SpringsFromMesh component in K1, you had 0, meaning all edges had a rest length of 0.

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@HS_Kim and @DanielPiker thanks a lot!
Overlooked the “RestLengthFactor”; now realized if I want the same result from K1, I’ll need to input 1 instead of 0.