Why kangaroo and kangaroo2 yield different results with same settings? which one should I accept?

Hi everyone,

I tried a simple tensile example for both kangaroo and kangaroo2, with the same mesh and parameter settings. However, the results are quite different (the points are from kangaroo while the surface is frome kangaroo2).

Could anyone help me resolve the problem?
The GH files is attached. tensile-test-1.gh (24.1 KB)

Hi - In you screenshot it looks like the Kangaroo1 solver has not actually been run to convergence.
Once you activate the timer they give the same result.

I recommend just using Kangaroo2 though. If there is something from a tutorial video using the old version that you are having trouble doing in 2, please let me know.

Thank you so much Daniel!!
You are right, I didn’t activate the timer: and that’s the only reason. Now the results are exactly same.

Sure I will let you know any problems for the kangaroo tutorial I meet.

Thanks again!

And I can really feel the improvement of kangaroo2 from kangaroo1. The settings are simpler, and the converge speed is much faster.

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