K2 Particles

Hi @DanielPiker , is there any workaround to create particles in K2?; And something else, when we have changing vector loads it takes a long time to create the load goals, (K1 unary force is faster), is there any altenative for this? Thanks in advance!

particles K1 K2.gh (193.2 KB)

Not the solution to your question, but maybe have a look at flexhopper if you are doing some stuff with particles. There’s also a workshop recorded from ICD Stuttgart.

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Yep I know, its a great add on but i am currently working with some other definitions that use Kangaroo, so it has to be K

I’ll look into this.

The GH profiler on the goal/force components might not be truly reflective of the relative speed between k1/2, because in k1 more of the force initialisation happened in the solver component, and also k2 is probably doing more iterations here.

It might be though that in some cases, depending on what else you are doing with these particles, it could be faster to make a new single goal acting on multiple particles rather than one goal for each