Kangaroo plugin is missing a battery

I opened a parameterized formula and found that my kangaroo plugin is missing a battery, but I do n’t know where to download this battery?aad9ab298df6d3c49fe02f4adb775f9 twizzler.gh (29.3 KB)

with the latest version should have it.

that word used for a component always makes me laugh :rofl:

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In China we like to call them batteries :sweat_smile:

Hi @zfq947254420
This version of Kangaroo is included in Rhino 6 if you have a current service release.
Are you using Rhino5?

image Mine is from the Rhino 6 version, but no

That’s a very old service release. If possible I recommend updating.

That said, the last release of Kangaroo I posted on Food4Rhino was 2.5(beta), and you can find it right at the bottom of the downloads list. For versions after that you’ll need to get them in the Rhino SR