Drape mesh on brep (in 2019 using V6)

There appears to be so many old answers to this, and I haven’t managed to find a modern one that works with the built-in Kangaroo 2 in V6 yet.

Here’s the simple problem:

The mesh falls right through the brep, even though I’ve added a collide goal…

Can anyone point out what I’m missing, please?

Drape.gh (19.1 KB)

Part of the problem was just that the load was high relative to the strength of the collisions, so it was passing through.
Another improvement you could use is to include this new goal I wrote which checks collisions not just for points, but also for edges.
Drape2.gh (25.2 KB)

When you open it you’ll need to set the reference location for KangarooSolver.dll, which is usually in
C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\Grasshopper\Components

I first posted this and another example of it in use here:

Also - I notice that you are using a quad grid, which will behave like a net with no shear resistance, so will tend to collapse into a curve. If you are after a more fabric like effect, I’d recommend using a triangulated mesh.

Thank you for that very impressive solution! I see the numbers you put in, and I need to find some documentation around this so I can understand it better.

Line collision was going to be my next question, I was wondering why it wasn’t included by default… very impressive that you can add C# code like that to add that functionality.

I see your point about quads collapsing… would it be possible to add “support” lines across the quads so they try to keep their shape better (but then also be able to exclude/filter out those in the end result)?