Kangaroo / Lunchbox not loading


(xril) #1


I face a problem loading Kangaroo and Lunchbox.
I have followed the usual steps: placed the files in the Components Folder & run Grasshopper, but they are not loading.
I checked the Grasshopper Developper Settings, the paths are correct.

Moreover, Weavebird & Anemone are running fine.

Any idea how to fix this ?



Did you unblock the relevant .dll and .gha files?

(xril) #3

Yes, still not loading !

(Daniel Piker) #4

You could try turning off the COFF loading option.
It is also worth double checking individually that each of the dll and gha files are unblocked - I think it doesn’t work on group selections.
Do you get any error message on Grasshopper startup? Which version of Rhino are you using?

(xril) #5

I use Rhino 5 and have no error on startup.
Same for Rhino 4

I have unblocked individually each .dll / .gha file & tried with COFF option off, no result.

Interestingly Weaverbird is located in C:\Programme Files, while Anemone is in GH Library & they are both running.

I placed Lunchbox in Programme Files without removing it from the GH Library to check the results. There is a file conflict as expected, GH is giving a warning about it.

By removing the duplicate files there is still no progress

(Daniel Piker) #6

Which service release of Rhino do you have? (you can check under help>about)

(xril) #7

Version 5.0 - Educational

(Daniel Piker) #8

I meant specifically the service release - after the version number it will say something like "SR14 64-bit"
When Grasshopper loads do you see any messages appear on the Rhino command line?

(xril) #9

Version 5.0 (5.1.20927.2230), is this what you are looking for ?

No message or warning in Rhino or Grasshopper when Gh loads.

(Wim Dekeyser) #10

Wow! That’s ancient. You should ideally be on SR14 [(5.14.522.8390, 2017-05-22)].
Please update and see if that helps!