Kangaroo / Lunchbox not loading


I face a problem loading Kangaroo and Lunchbox.
I have followed the usual steps: placed the files in the Components Folder & run Grasshopper, but they are not loading.
I checked the Grasshopper Developper Settings, the paths are correct.

Moreover, Weavebird & Anemone are running fine.

Any idea how to fix this ?


Did you unblock the relevant .dll and .gha files?

Yes, still not loading !

You could try turning off the COFF loading option.
It is also worth double checking individually that each of the dll and gha files are unblocked - I think it doesn’t work on group selections.
Do you get any error message on Grasshopper startup? Which version of Rhino are you using?

I use Rhino 5 and have no error on startup.
Same for Rhino 4

I have unblocked individually each .dll / .gha file & tried with COFF option off, no result.

Interestingly Weaverbird is located in C:\Programme Files, while Anemone is in GH Library & they are both running.

I placed Lunchbox in Programme Files without removing it from the GH Library to check the results. There is a file conflict as expected, GH is giving a warning about it.

By removing the duplicate files there is still no progress

Which service release of Rhino do you have? (you can check under help>about)

Version 5.0 - Educational

I meant specifically the service release - after the version number it will say something like "SR14 64-bit"
When Grasshopper loads do you see any messages appear on the Rhino command line?

Version 5.0 (5.1.20927.2230), is this what you are looking for ?

No message or warning in Rhino or Grasshopper when Gh loads.

Wow! That’s ancient. You should ideally be on SR14 [(5.14.522.8390, 2017-05-22)].
Please update and see if that helps!

I have the exact problem. My Rhino is Rhino 6SR22. The gha was built on the same version. Most computers can load the gha on Rhino except for one computer

It has this error. The gha reference the dll. However other computers do not have this issue.

Hi @Nguyen_Minh_Chau,
Am I right in understanding that this EtabsToGh.gha is something you are writing?

I’d recommend starting a new thread about this in the developer category (https://discourse.mcneel.com/c/grasshopper-developer)

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