Kangaroo Latest Example Files?

Hi @DanielPiker and community. I was wondering where the latest example files to date for Kangaroo are located so I can access them.

I found this which seems kind of old as it is the old forum:

And also found this:

But it seems quite messy :sweat: and it looks like some files need old components to be replaced.
Not a big problem at all of course, but at least I want to make sure these are the latest files.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @ShynnSup,
The GitHub repository is the best place to find examples. You’re right though, it could use some reorganisation, and I’ll check that they’re all using the latest versions of the components.
There are also many examples I’ve posted in threads on this forum that should probably be added to the repository.
Also if there’s anything particular you’d like to see more examples of, let me know.

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Thank you Daniel, always so kind. Will use the GitHub repository then, and check your replies to other threads too!

Hi daniel,

I actually wanted to test some of the inflation example files, but this files (and many others) open with an error:

Am i missing something?

Hi @jnavarro1

Which version of Rhino are you running?

Version 7 SR32
(7.32.23215.19001, 2023-08-03)

Ah, I think I have a guess what’s happening.
On the GitHub page, right clicking eg. inflation.gh here and choosing ‘save link as’ will not actually download the correct file.


Instead, what you want to do is left click where it says inflation.gh on that page, which takes you here:

and choose ‘download raw’

See a previous discussion about this:


oh wao, so i’ve being downloading wrong files this whole time thinking “what’s up with this devs?” :smiling_face_with_tear: :rofl: