Kangaroo for a force based network

Hi everybody
How can i use kangaroo to hold some points suspended by the forces they apply to each other?

Can you explain more about what you mean?

I saw your other post mentioned something about distances. Do you want to set distances between certain pairs of the points?

Actually i dont have points. I have distances between every two points to locate them in a situation that all the distanses be as same as i have.

Please attach your data, it’s difficult to comprehend without it.

I have an excel file that I will attachexcel.rar (8.5 KB)

To load you .xlsx to grasshopper, save it in .txt format, then load it with the file reader and split with tabulation character to get again every “cell” value.
Attached my .txt output.

I’ve moved starting points with a random Z to let the structure move in 3d, otherwise it would be kept being flat.
Try different seeds, but I’ve seen the relaxation lead almost always to the same solution.

This is just a possible attempt, other solutions might be better.

length_based_network.gh (26.3 KB)
flipped.txt (1.3 KB)

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it was great
Thank you so much…
one question: when i open the file the subtraction object doesnt appear for me, is that the minus icon?

The only subtraction i’ve used is here:

Maybe you need to update…

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thank you so much
I am not so good in grasshopper yet, i tried much but i couldn’t solve it
now you solved it and I am so excited and happy
really appreciate it

when I remove the Z value, there is a circle in plan while the distances are not the same, so may be, in one part it missed the value and their references

I’m not sure of what you just said…
If you change the starting points, reset and/or restart the kangaroo simulation.

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It works completely :slight_smile: