Can I get the moving coordinates from kangaroo

Hi guys. This is my first post in this forum

Im doing a project of a sound reactive device with Firefly, Kangaroo and Arduino. My idea was to use a servo to act as the moving points(the points after the kangaroo physics).
Is there and clue that I can get the length and the coordinates of the moving points? so I can calculate the spinning of the servo.

Here is my script.
Thanks for helping me. (13.4 KB)
trimmed topo.3dm (555.5 KB)

Hi @DivaNgau

You can get the x,y,z coordinates of any point in Grasshopper using Deconstruct Point, found in the Vector>Point tab.

From your definition I guess you’d want the points from ParticlesOut.
(You might want to look at remaking this definition using the current version of Kangaroo)

Hi Daniel

thanks for your help. Is thre a way to get the point while it is during the kangaroo physics? thanks

oh just saw the ParticlesOut. thanks.

Do you know how to sort out the moving cordianates from the list? Super thanks