Kangaroo Flexible Pipes

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to create a random weaving effect using Kangaroo on grasshopper mac.

Not familiar with this component, i can’t find much informations online about what i am looking for, an elastic effect like the image below.

I have two forms, a sphere and a square, linked together with some strings. I want to have the effect on both forms and have them attached together.

Can someone advice me about the procedure?

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FORM B.gh (13.7 KB)

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No one? I am not looking for the result but more for a key to helping me.

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Hi Rémy.

To have “wires” that “touch eachother” and resemble the pictures you attached, you will have to use “sphere collide” goal component.
You can follow this sequence: make rough curves for an initial position, subdivide those curves, for each point set a sphere, gradually increase spheres radius during simulation, rebuild curves, make pipes.
(I’ve added some other forces…)
Open attached script, just turn on kangaroo with boolean and increase radius, then when you turn boolean off it automatically show result.
FORM B_V2.gh (27.6 KB)

I can’t understand how to apply this to your geometries:

anyway, a base method is like said^ , let me know.

(Don’t run kangaroo while piping is on; I used stream gate, if you are unsure just disable components… or you rhino will freeze)

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this is a little old, but I remember it having some nice techniques for modeling various weaving patterns.

I don’t think it used kangaroo, but maybe it helps.

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Hi @maje90, Hi @chanley,

Thank you for your answers. I will take a look at your methods/advices and back to you
with a solution (i hope so :man_technologist:).

Keep you in touch.

Thank you once again :v:


Hi @maje90

So, i simplified my form to understand how it works. I tried to have this effect on a single sphere first. I might have done something wrong because when i ran the simulation, curves going wild and shrink on themselves.
I want them to stop on a sphere to create this weaving dome. Did i forget something?

Thank you,


FORM B 2.gh (20.2 KB)

Hi Rémy,

wrap_strings_ball.gh (32.1 KB)

(I used this Mesh Pipe component for faster preview of the strings)


Hi @DanielPiker

This is exactly what i am looking for. Thank you!
Also, you might have use a more recent version of grasshopper than i (i am on Rhino 5 mac).
I have an error message and i don’t know where the component needs to be.

And quick question, how did you made this quick render? Is it through Grasshopper? If yes, with wich components?

Thank you,


Ok i found where it belongs.

Super effective!

Thank you again


Here’s the definition for the animation:
wrap_strings_ball_anim.gh (29.2 KB)
I used Arctic mode in the Rhino viewport, and to create the animation, right click the slider connected to the ‘Animate’ input. This produces a sequence of image files - you’ll need to compile them into a video in another software.

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