Kangaroo 2 Simple Remesh component missing in Rhino 8

Hi fellas,

I just upgraded from Rhino 6 to Rhino 8 and noticed that the Simple Remesh component is missing under the “Mesh” tab in Kangaroo 2. If I open a file created in Rhino 6 that contains the Simple Remesh component, it is there and it´s fully functional, but if I use crtl+alt to located it, it is nowhere to be found. Was it replaced by Tri Remesh by any chance?

Thanks in advance and happy hoppings!

Hi @kossatz - yes, TriRemesh is the replacement for the older SimpleRemesh

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Hi, @DanielPiker ! Thanks for the fast reply, much appreciated. I´m having a blast with Rhino 8!

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