Kangaroo 2: Deflate and re-inflate a fabric membrane

Hello everyone!
I am new to grasshopper and more so to kangaroo 2. I am exploring modular inflatable structures for facade use. By looking across forum I have learnt to inflate and deflate volumes and applying gravity load. (Please see the attached files) I started with a single volume (ellipsoid) deflated or shrunk it and then tried to inflate the shrunk volume back again to its original form. The start and end geometry do not come out the same. I think the I intend and/or need to restrict the pressure parameter to achieve the result may be. Any help in this regard, other improvements or suggestion would be really appreciated.
@DanielPiker if you can please.
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Start Ellipsoid Volume
Start ellipsoid volume|308x469

Deflated Volume under gravity load
Deflated hanging

Re-Inflated Volume from shrunk volume
Inflated tilt

Rhino and Grasshopper files
Deflate Inflate.3dm (173.7 KB) Deflate Inflate.gh (19.5 KB)

@xeson_saqib Welcome
You are running an illegal version,
Rhinoceros 6.3 - Undefined
Download a (Legal) Free for 90 days Evaluation Here

Apologies and Thank you, I will see with my school about it and get this version for now.

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