Kangaroo results!

Dear experts,

I’m trying to optimize a new definition and I’m using Kangaroo physics in addition to a couple more plugins.
My question is simple, is there a way to get only the last results of the kangaroo solver without having to go through all steps of simulation? this would help a lot with optimization since i’m taking the results from the solver and the parameters are connected to the solver already, any change in the input would cause a huge delay.
Not sure if it’s possible, but this is the best place to ask!

Thanks in advance,

You can use the zombie solver for optimization problems.
If you use Wallacaei they have an example file using kangaroo.

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Yes, as @danielbent says, the Zombie solver is what you are looking for here. There’s a link to an example in this thread:

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Thanks a lot! this is exactly what I was looking for.