Fabric formwork

scripting 2019-02-27 kangaroo - fabric formwork- kangaroo 2.5.0.gh (36.8 KB)
2019-02-27 tOpos_1.gh (70.3 KB)

(tOpos is an topology optimisation plugin can be downloaded from food4rhino.)

My thesis interest area is Form finding and Optimisation of Fabric formed structural element. It aims towards designing an analytical method framework for the design of fabric formed concrete structural elements of vertical system.
have few queries as follows;

  1. (refer attached scripting in kangaroo 2.5 ) How do I model hydro-static pressure analysis in form-finding process ?- I used Kangaroo c#script for hydro pressure(by @DanielPiker ) but i am facing issues in the input K (I assume it to be density of concrete is 2400 kg/m3) and the strength of the spring (i assume it to be the tensile strength of woven geotextile that is 1.6 KN) but then the results are not to the expectation level. Is there any way I can model this script to the precise values ?

  2. (refer attached scripting in tOpos ) topological optimisation is perfectly working in terms of form finding but i am not able to take it to kangaroo scripting for mesh relaxation and to apply hydro-static pressure to achieve final form (expected form is shown in the image attached.) . The output mesh do not take the constrains (Anchor points) for the input of the kangaroo solver.

Is there any way i can do this scripting better in terms of formfinding and optimisation process?

can anyone help me in this ?