Obtaining spring stress in Kangaroo2


I’m trying to obtain tensile stress in spring members after formfinding. I’ve attached a little example. As far as I understand it can be done calculating strain (reffered to rest length), and multiplying it by Young’s modulus. Is it correct way to do that in Kangaroo2? Or maybe I’m missing something.

I’m asking, because when I exported formfound geometry to FEM software and applied that pre-stress I didn’t get expected results.

Any advice would be appreciated.

kangaroo_stress_values_sample.gh (21.5 KB)

Take a look at some of Daniel’s previous posts for example:

In case you’re interested in the structural analysis part (after the form-finding) you can take a look at K2Engineering and the Cablenet example file:

You can download the K2E gha file here:

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Thank You very much for response and suggestions!

I’ve looked through K2Engineering code, and Pretension, Cable and CableGoal objects seem to follow the exact same logic when calculating forces/stresses as I tried to apply (if I got it correctly).

Later I tested some other topologies using sample script I attached above and the results looked good. Maybe I had some problems in my project, because I was enforcing some particular shape using Galapagos. Thanks again!