Just installed Rhino7 & Grasshopper component library files are empty

Is this correct? I have repaired the installation. Win10.

You mean \AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\Libraries ?
Yes, that is correct.

What were you expecting? What you miss?

I was expecting some things, like bifocal, to be available, from information in YouTube videos for beginners in Grasshopper.
Before I go finding these and also finding out how to install them, I wanted to make sure doing it was necessary as there was an implication lots were already loaded.
Is there a reasonable list for beginners?

Try to rely not too much on plugins, they are going to… “vitiate” you.

Instead of bifocals, try this one: 😎 Sunglasses | GH plugin to display object names which is better.

Very common are:
Weaverbird : very good to work with meshes (subdivision/smoothing, making frames, etc)
LunchBox : for paneling stuff
Anemone: old but still very useful in some particular situation.
There are many others, those 3 are just what came into my mind now. (i try to avoid plugins…)

I suggest you to install a plugin once you understand you need them, or a guide tells you how to use it, or someone in this forum is helping you by using some.

Read this: Help Us Help You and keep in mind that many people are happy to help, if you ask question in a good way.

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Many thanks, Riccardo. I had to look that word up but understood the sentiment :).
Looks like I was slightly misled by the tutorials and I will take your suggestion to only install ‘good’ stuff myself.
I appreciate your responses and hope I can find most answers to my questions here.

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I found the PackageManager commandin Rhino 7 which made finding and installing plug-ins easy; I found Sunglasses!