Jpgs from rhino how to make them into one pdf?

running Bullzip pdf printer (purchased standard) as advised,
created jpg’s from Rhino print option, edited them, now to make them into one multipaged pdf.

Try for selecting them all in windows explorer and right click print and photoshop proceeds to immediately print them to paper !

How does one Bullzip these into a multipage pdf ?



For maximum control, I’d use a professional layout app designed for this exact thing. Adobe InDesign will let you organize images and text (for captions, titles, etc.) inside of a single or multi-page document. You can then print or export to a PDF at any time, and at any resolution. I make high-quality PDFs for my printer, and lower quality for emailing.

Yeah, it’s a ‘whole new thing to learn,’ but its quite straightforward if you already know either Photoshop or Illustrator. Knowledge of this tool is an investment in your career. At least check it out.


Thanks Steve_Howden,
That would appear to involve typing code and typing the names of all the jpg files etc into a code string.

I had hoped Bullzip was an interface to use, simply select jpg’s and say make pdf ! I cant believe I am in coding mode. I am not into coding, have a graphical brain.

Is there no way of simply pointing it to jpgs and saying make a pdf ? Pretty basic requirement, having made jpgs from Rhino.

Schultzworks…Thanks for the suggestion, I see InDesign is £17 month which as I rarely need to do this, I just cant justify that expense, having no money much for such, especially having had to lose the higher TV chanbel package to save £20 month, now faced with dumb dribble type TV. I also hate renting and never owning a software. Priced as if one is going to be using it regularly, thats £200/yr and I might use it five times.

I might try for putting each A4 jpg into word page no margins and then going print ! If word doesnt mess up the colours.


try load witth xnview select images and print to bulzip printer

Hi, I have created 4 pages in word with a high qlty jpg per page and printed it that way, however its woozied up the quality with colour aberrations, text has slight frogspawn, pure colour areas are now featuring some colour pollution, yet in word the images look superb.
I see no quality settings when choosing print then choosing bullzip, so as to adjust and choose high qlty in bullzip.


Photoshop. Save as PDF

If you want your colour to unpredictable things then go right ahead with using Word.

Scultzeworks had the right suggestion. Use a page layout program. It’ll save you a LOT of grief. You might want to consider the Corel Draw suite. It’s cheaper than the Adobe suite and VERY good now that they have a good colour management workflow.

Its possible the preconfigured settings are optimizing for file size, not quality. Generally PDF printers allow you to modify the defaults. (You may not be able to do this from the print dialog.) It may be possible to change the compression level to improve the quality.

Go to Bullzip Printer Options (see their knowlege base and scroll down to the info on Options).

EDIT Just want to add if you render to an uncompressed format or lossless compression first like PNG, you may also significantly improve the quality. Especially now with cheap storage and fast internet, there are only a few situations where using jpg is preferable.

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You could try Inkscape (like Adobe Illustrator) or Scribus (like Adobe InDesign). Both are free, open source apps.

Its possible Word may still work for your purpose. Try saving PNG instead of JPG and see if your results improve. PNG has lossless compression.


Bullzip tell me I can alter compression from the default which does give artefacts to a lossless one called flate, ideal for technical progs like rhino or where quality matters the creator of Bullzip says,
the interface however when one chooses print and bullzip then print properties is not what they show which is:-

instead I get these, the second is from the advanced button.

I get these in Rhino, Photoshop, excel, access, word, everything I have tried so far.
Win 7 64bit pro. Classic Shell.

I need to now, for feedback to him, what interface do you guys and gals get when going print>Bullzip>printer properties ?


Hi Steve,

What you show are the print dialog options, I don’t believe you can make the change there. According to Bullzip, you have to use their “Options” utility.

this is from Bullzip knowlege base

I now find that, though interface a bit different, however, unticking compression which is giving poor images and frogspawn edges to my nicely produced tech drgs and prints from rhino, sees this message appear.;_

Creating a basic decent pdf without messed up images, and the images look fine in word, should not require a pro package, thus its not possible to reproduce our Rhino screen image unless paying the full amount.
I paid $29 for standard, that becomes $34.8 with VAT, they now want $69 to remove the compression, thats $82.80 just to keep a normal looking picture.

No way., will get a refund !


I will recommend InDesign again and make a few more observations.

  • The cost of InDesign is proportional to the power and ease it can do exactly what you want.
  • As an industry standard, other people use it, so there’s lots of training, help, and support.
  • It can be used for presentations, portfolios, and reports. Embed images, links, and videos in your PDF.
  • Knowledge of ID could get you work / looks good on your resume / and helps you do your own stuff faster.
  • It works seamlessly with Photoshop and Illustrator, two other packages you should already know.
  • If you are a student / faculty / work at a college, get the entire CreativeCloud for $19 a month. That’s every damn app Adobe makes, all included.
  • Write me an email and I’ll send you some PDF project samples.


Remember, it makes more sense to get the entire Creative Cloud. As soon as you acquire two apps, you might as well get them all. Here is a list of what is included. I use eight of these regularly as I consider them ‘mandatory designer tools and skills.’

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I’ll second that Schultz, don’t muck around with the imitations; use the right tool for the right job.
Photoshop, illustrator, InDesign and acrobat pro are amazing tools; definately worth the investment in time & money.

Though I bought CS6 outright because after 5 years I’m still not advanced enough to outgrow it and my primary service is supplemented by Adobe suite, not dependant on it: can’t justify the increase to my fixed outgoings… Oh, and I despise subscription software models - though Adobe do seem to work for it & price on the side of reasonable, unlike autode$k - I just haven’t seen/needed a feature in CC that warrants signing up to lose the membership fee every year I want to use it.

Adobe used to have perpetual licences for CS6 suites available via phone only (maybe still do?)
Design & Web Premium is the cheapest suite with Indesign if memory serves…

Before you research any other PDF printers, software and spend any more $, try one simple thing …

Save a PNG version of your image from Rhino instead of JPG and use that in Word to see if it makes any quality difference. That way your are avoiding doubly compressing the file with lossy (degrading) compression.

As far as other PDF printers, I used PDF995 many years ago. It does have adjustable compression but you would have to give it a try to see how it works in your case. The compression setting it defaults to is called “prepress”, and if I recall it does make rather large PDF files. You can change the settings to use more compression, but I suspect that will impact image quality. There is a free version that does pop up an ad when you print, but you can get a very inexpensive license that removes the ad.