How to Print multiple pages to one document

Hi, I would like to print multiple pages to one pdf document from one drawing. I have constructed the pages in 2D, and have each one in its own position. Can any body shed some light on how one can achieve this?, or is it even doable.
Thanks, Rob.

I’m not 100% sure what you mean by that but it almost sounds like you have 2D geometry placed different places in the 3D space. The way one can easily print multiple pages to one PDF document is by making a single layout for each page and then in the print dialog, select either “All Layouts” or “Multiple Layouts”. If your ‘pages’ are spread around in the 3D world, you can easily select one of them from a detail in one layout and repeat that for all pages.

Hi Wim, thank you for the feedback. You are correct, I have multiple (35) 2D drawings set up in one Rhino file that are located in different places, and I need to create one document with all 35 drawings. I am totally unfamiliar with the layout process, and have been unable to find a simple “this is how a layout is created” tutorial.
If you are aware of a location where I can find out how to make a layout, and then position it over each of my drawings, I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you.

I don’t know of such tutorial but it is rather easy.
Use the

command to make a new layout. In the dialog box, give it a name (if necessary), select your printer, and paper size and orientation. Leave the Initial Detail Count set to 1. Click OK. Then double click in the area that is within the rectangle that defines the ‘Detail’. Zoom and pan until your geometry is where you need it within that rectangle.

Hi Wim, excellent, thank you, that small bit of info you provided has helped me tremendously. This is now a tutorial page, for those of us who are in the dark about how to place the relevant data into a layout.
Thanks. :smile:

Wim I have one additional question if you don’t mind. How can I ensure each page layouts contents size is identical to the next. What I want to achieve is to print my production sheet out onto an A4 page, while keeping the scale correct on the printed page.
My drawing extents are already set up for a A4, only when I set up the page in the layout window, it is a bit of a hit and miss affair. I would like to get the placement of my drawing more exact in the layout window, using my page extents I have created (rectangle curve).
Do you have any additional tips to do this?
Thank you, Rob.

Since you made your geometry scaled to fit A4, you can select the detail on the layout, go to the properties tab, and lock the scale to be 1:1. Then pan to get the geometry where you want on the page.

Hi Wim, thank you for your continued assistance. I cannot find the feature you are referring to. I have attached a screenshot of my layout properties tab for you to view.

To be more specific about what I am looking to achieve, I have a rectangle that contains all the info I want to print. the outer rectangle when scaled down to A4 is at a specific scale, in this case 1:20. What I want to achieve is to set this outer rectangle up so that when the page prints, the data on the page is all at scale 1:20.
I know this is probably a long way round, and there is probably an easier way to ensure the scale is correct, however for me to change this now at this late stage is not an option.
Look forward to your feedback.
Thanks, Rob.

Hi Rob,
Your picture shows the properties tab for the ‘layout’. You have to select the ‘detail’ on the sheet to get the properties for the detail. You can scale your detail to be the same size as the A4 page - just use the regular commands and snap to the corners of the layout. Then, set your scale to 1:20 and zoom selected on your rectangle.

Hi Wim, thanks for all the great input. It has been very helpful. Got my drawings off yesterday, all in one document. :smiley: