.jpg image doesn't appear on print

Hi, I am trying to make a layered perspective diagram with a range of map elements, (if anyone has any ideas to manage this with any other program, tried photoshop etc. but getting to stressed with the perspective stuff)

I have imported the image and selected Picture frame in the import options, then set up a print layout. everything seems to be fine, however when I try to save it as a PDF (using a PDF printer) the image does not show up.

can anyone suggest why?


Make sure you are printing to PDF with Raster specified in the Print dialog. You might also try a PDF print driver like CutePDF or PDF995 which are favored among some users.

To keep your viewport perspective unaltered between ViewCaptureToFile commands, use the Named Views panel to save the view so you can always get back to it.

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Hi, thanks for the reply where is the about is the Print dialog?

I have discovered that it works fine when the view is from the top (looking directly at the image) so it seems it doesnt seem to like the image when it is angled in a perspective?

The Print dialog comes up when you run the Print command. I’d need to see the file to help more with the angled image issue though. Let me know the PDF driver you’ve set in the Print dialog as well if you still have a problem after exploring the Print options.

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Hi, yep that appeared to be the problem that Vector output was selected, many thanks for the help!