How to print to an image file by the -Print command line

I wish to use the -Print command to print a view port to an image file. Selecting _Setup/_Destination /_Printer, and then typing ‘Image File (PNG)’ or the like does not appear to work, Even if an image file was previously selected as printer type by the regular print menu interface, the -Print command line route will print to a “real” printer.

Please help.

Well, I might use -ViewportCaptureToFile for that instead of Print…

But you’re right, this does not seem to work correctly…


I could use ViewportCaptureToFile, but print has many more scaling and sizing options, which are useful when creates such pictures regularly, by scripting. So I’m still looking for a solution for this apparent bug.

Hi Gerard- looks broken to me - thanks for the report.


Pascal, do I need to report a bug somewhere, or is this topic going to be picked up by Rhino3D staff.


Pascal IS Rhino3D (McNeel) staff… And the developers do read this forum.


Hi Gerard- our bug track item for this, (not currently, but possibly one day), visible to the public, is