Joining Meshes--HELP!


Not new to rhino, but self-taught, so I don’t know the ins and outs of the commands:

I have a mesh that I SPLIT in two to SCALE1D the bottom mesh a few inches, then used JOIN and REBUILDMESH to join the two back together, but sometimes when I export the 3dm file to .stl it separates them. I don’t know why sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t. Is there a simple way to join them together that doesn’t involve the individual points? I don’t have a geomagic license anymore, so really hoping I can do this in Rhino

Top (highlighted) mesh and bottom (black) are separated after exporting to .stl

Hi Taylor - please post the file if it is not confidential, otherwise please send to and I’ll take a look.


form 25 .stl (6.5 MB)

This is just one of 30! but some of them joined, and others did not!

Thanks Pascal

Hi Taylor - use AlignMeshVertices on the joined mesh to make sure all the vertices along those edges are truly coincident.


Hi Pascal,

When it asks me to “select option” and prompts me to type in a number, what number am I looking for?
And Distance to Adjust: should be 1?
What do these numbers refer to?


Hi Taylor- the defaults should be fine here - the number is a max distance to move the vertices to get them lined up.


WONDERFUL!! THANK YOU!!! It worked :wink: