Join messes up mesh

Joining these two meshes is messing them up.
It works fine in Rhino 7, but not in Rhino WIP.

messed mesh join .3dm (556.6 KB)


After Join

The file is already Joined you sent.
Please send the V7 file before Joining.

Rhino 7:
messed mesh join rh7 .3dm (562.7 KB)

Rhino WIP:
messed mesh join WIP.3dm (596.3 KB)

The size of your model, units, and tolerance all seem to be messed up.

Try getting your model actual size, with a reasonable tolerance and see if that helps.

I’m not sure what it actually should be, but 0.30 cm long seems incorrect.

It’s not something I modeled, I just received the obj file.
Obj files have arbitrary units and opening them in Rhino doesn’t show any tolerance multiplier settings.

Rhino 7 file was downgraded from Rhino 8 file and it has the same tolerance settings and units.

The fact that it’s working in Rhino 7 under the same circumstances made me miss the scale/tolerance option.
Indeed, it’s working in Rhino WIP after I scaled up the model or adjusted the tolerance.

Thank you.

That makes sense. The developers are updating the intersectors so I’m not surprised it worked correctly in V8 once it was the right size.

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