Joining curves makes a bad object

This is fairly rare, but here is an example…

I know why this happens, as the curve has a “T” intersection and somehow it becomes non-manifold when selecting all in example 1 and joining. However, I wonder if this shouldn’t be detected/special cased?

In example 2, even if you join all but the last curve (red) - up to there it is OK, but when you try to join the last curve to the rest, it allows the join but goes bad.

Tested in V6 and the WIP…

JoinGoesBad.3dm (41.4 KB)

I’m just putting it up here as an example if anyone wants it (I don’t need instructions for fixing…)

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Hi Mitch - I guess it is part of how joining works in V6+ - contiguous lines are made into polylines as single segments of a polycurve - in this case the polyline part closes on itself but maybe since it has all already been accepted and sent to the joiner it ‘allows’ this. Anyway, thanks for the example, I’ll send it along and stop making stuff up…


Yeah, quit that right now!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Can… but won’t.



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RH-56877 is fixed in the latest WIP