Curve: possible to explode but not to join again


Hello guys,
I have a curve (see details underneath) made of 25 lines or arcs.
When I explode it to delete the extra peace and try to rejoin it, it doenst join again.
Does any one has an idea why and how? :blush:
thanks :smiley: I select every thing to join but he only joins a part of the curves together, the other ones stay unjoined)
I couldnt find a way to put the file in the topic so I made a photo:

here the beginning of the geom. details:
Valid curve.
Open polycurve with 25 curve segments.
Segment 1:
start = (616925,222697,91.5547)
end = (615294,222697,91.5547)
domain = 0 to 1630.47
line length = 1630.47
Segment 2:
start = (615294,222697,91.5547)
end = (608656,222697,908.745)
center = (615294,222697,27463.6)
radius = 27372.1
angle = 14.0362 degrees
Segment 3:
start = (608656,222697,908.745)
end = (601925,222697,2591.55)
domain = 0 to 6938.03
line length = 6938.03


(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Flo- do the curve segments not join at all, or are they joined but not closed? Click on the odd black cloud looking icon in the middle of the icon group in the response area (7th from the left) to attach a file.



pb_curve.3dm(46.8 KB)

I attached the curve,

only 50% is joined afterwards and the rest are little pieces.
the curve in the file is the original, I exploded it, then delete this little piece on the left, then tried to join again but didnt work.
thanks for your help :smiley:


Is the attached what you are after.
Exploded, cleaned curves & re joined.

pb_curve01.3dm(179.2 KB)

(Pascal Golay) #5

Hi Flo- there are several duplicate segments in that curve- if you Explode, SelDup and delete the extras, it gets better, though there is one pair of arcs that is not 100 % duplicate that is not found by that command. Some duplicates are being joined to their twins making a closed curve rather than joining the next curve along, if you see what I mean.



Thanks to both of you,
Pascal, it worked out very easily with your tipp, thanks again