Joining creates bad object

In the file below, selecting all the curves and calling Join creates a bad object. I’d like to try to fix the originals before joining so it doesn’t happen, but it seems different picking sequences still produce a bad object at the end. Can anyone tell me which of the curves is making the whole thing go bad when joined?

BadJoin.3dm (32.9 KB)

Hi Mitch - checking it, thanks.


There’s a micro segment in there somewhere, If I join, let it become a bad object, then explode and re-join (making it good) the segment count goes down to 30 from 31… But I didn’t find it yet.

OK, found it - it’s right at the upper end. It was already joined which is why I didn’t find it in the first place.

Hi Mitch - it is on the end of the far curve as the file opens.

RH-59346 Join makes a bad curve

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