Join Two sets of Geometry using Grasshopper

Hi guys,

Can I join two sets of intersecting geometry using grasshopper? For instance, I have an intersecting columns and walls and I want to join them through Grasshopper. Can I do it? If I can, how?

Before join operation,

After joining,


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See attached for Python Script for joining two elements like the images above. (8.7 KB)


thanks @Rickson,

Just got a chance to try it out and it works just fine.:rocket::rocket:

Coming from “Join Revit Elements Using Grasshopper”

I’ve tried the py. and it works nicely.

Now the real thing is this :

Maybe I should do a collision test and cull out some that are not collided at all, will see how long it takes first…

The script isn’t setup for that type of operation.

It literally takes Element 1 & Element 2 and joins them.

It may work if you had the exact branch matching.

Thanks, the test works now… is time to sort the real project 3xxx walls …

Ok I got those 3000 walls join done.

The next is Floor, what if they’re have to join not just A+B, but a bunches like the image show below (say they’re not all the same types but top faces are aligned.)

How can I do the same for cutting instead of joining two sets of elements? I’ve tried with RevitAPI but stuck.

Here is the Python Script working with many elements at once. (10.4 KB)


The script provides an opportunity to join elements from one data tree with another. Both data trees must have the same structures. To join elements within a single data tree connect it twice to both inputs.

Thanks for contributing! I think you will enjoy the SDK we will be releasing here in a few weeks.

Here’s some of the preliminary documentation. Rhino.Inside®.Revit

The works great! it’s noteworthy that elements must be pinned to start off with and will be pinned again after.


Hi Japhy! Thank you for your feedback! Pinning elements back save a link between Grasshopper and Revit after a script comply.

The SDK seems cool! Looking forward to new opportunities to make magic under Revit.