Walls intersection

HI ,

I wonder if possible to make walls intersection inside grasshopper .

I have 2 walls with different width and want to create miter/Butt intersection between them in grasshopper.
Appreciate if anyone can guide to graph or plugin to solve such issue.


Walls intersection test.gh (8.3 KB)

Get just an entry level indicative take on that matter.

NOTE: lot’s of possible cases are not supported on that V1 .

Brep_OrthoButtJoin_EntryLevel_V1.gh (120.3 KB)

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@PeterFotiadis thanks for yur reply , it seems really you have great c# skills :clap: .

Actually my problem is I want a tool that can create walls in grasshopper with proper intersection, walls can be created from faces or curves .

I attached a file for more clear problem I face .
test intersect test 2.gh (8.6 KB)
thanks in advance

That doesn’t make any real-life sense since R is not a BIM AEC app by any means.

That said BIM partition elements are assosiated with various meta data for proper 2D extractions/cost estimations/etc from a given BIM model etc etc. Plus there’s varous smart elements creation capabilities in similar applications (the likes of AECOSim). Think for instance KNAUF W112/115/… wall joints (ortho or not) … blah, blah.

I would strongly advise to ask a demo from a friend of yours expert on that matter.

Anyway a C# that deals (hope dies last) with a general case would requite some days (even maybe a week). Appears “easy” on first sight … but is far from it.

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hi @PeterFotiadis , thanks for your feed back .

I am not looking for a complicated solution. my main problem is simple , I want to join walls in 3d only ( I dont care about 2d representations) .
so lets says I have walls with width of 0.1 m , 0.2 m , 0.3 m and I want to join them in 3d , how to do that in grasshopper ?
for detailed 2d join details I can use revit , but for conceptual design we use GH .


Brave men you are.

Anyway the attached is an existed C# used to teach my people in the practice how NOT to do it. From that “state” to something realistic … the only thing MIA is a week (and tons of Karma and/or Tequila).

Buildings_Walls_HowNotToDoIt_V1.gh (121.4 KB)