Join Revit Elements Using Grasshopper

Hey everyone,

I have created Wall Finishes using Room Boundary and placed them using Finish Exterior Face wall location line. The problem is walls do not join with the intersecting/adjacent walls. Can we join them using Grasshopper? If we can, how?

All ideas are welcomed :slight_smile:

in this image the walls look like they are joined.
You could tell in Revit if they are joined you use the “unjoin” command and it changes.
Is that the case?
or are these walls “not joined”

Walls i have created are joined with each other but not with their adjacent/host? walls so openings such as doors and windows can have their openings. As you can see from the image, doors doesn’t have openings in the walls i created because they are not joined with doors host walls. I hope this explains :grin:

see image
make sure you use the “wall” as the host
and you could verify with the “” component.

try that and let us know if you are still having issues

hey @msgambelluri,

i think you misunderstood my problem. First I have my base walls then i create finish walls. Doors are already placed on base walls. So finish walls are modeled on top of base wall. Normally I would join the adjacent walls so doors would have their openings on finish walls.

Base wall with door on it.

Finish wall applied on top of it.

Hey same here !!

Wonder if there’s a capsule can do this job, otherwise final material will never be accurate… placing wall opening or void family over existing doors/windows just too costly in terms of time.

Hey @ctu6,

Following thread might help you. RIR team will include a join node in v1.1 release.

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Thanks for the quick reply, I will look onto the py !!