Join removes all surface colors

Rhino can have per surface colors, so why does join ignore this and just creates a single colored polysurface despite a multi-colored input?

Is there a setting for this?

It’s a bit inconsistent, because boolean difference, for example respects the colors.

I feel like the default for behaviour for join two things to inherit the last selected colour is okay. But I see what you mean - if you’ve defined a subsurface colour, that should be retained right.

Well… I just exploded something, trimmed and then joined… and the colors stayed… so… what determines when things stay and when things don’t?

(Turns out, the materials didn’t all stay, though…)

Hello - in Join, the properties of the first thing selected wins - if there is a preselection, then all bets are off and the one that comes first in the object list wins. But per-face color should survive either way.