Join doesn't preserve per face colors?

Have I accidentally changed some setting I’ve forgotten about, or why do previously assigned per face colors on polysurfaces disappear when you join them with a different polysurface?

that was never different, i believe its on the wishlist and logged in youtrack when i remember well.

Ah, thanks.

It’s funny when you haven’t used Rhino in a while and come back to it and re-discover how some of the quite basic things one would expect to just work simply aren’t there. :sweat_smile:

EDIT: Wait… it suddenly worked! But only because the polysurface became solid? Or?

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i must be confused myself then, sat too long on c4d today, all my memory from my earlier life with Rhino is gone :dizzy_face:

As far as I can tell, Join preserves properly assigned per-face colors in V7 and V8… Whether the result is open or closed.

There’s more to it than that. Seems layer colors are ignored, so if you join something with a per face color to something with no per face color, the entire object will be colored… which I think is bad.


Green here is the layer color. Including that surface in any per face join wil essentially erase it. The confusing thing is that despite the resulting object appearing to only have one color, it’s actually a per face color for all of the surfaces in the polysurface instead of switching it to an object display color.

It’s like the entire thing is set up to be as obtuse as possible! :sweat_smile:

True - that looks like a bug to me.
Edit - I think I found where this bug is… maybe.

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I swear I had to write code to skip per face colors on single face surfaces because it caused a lot of confusion when users were trying to change object color and nothing happened. Maybe I’m misremembering though.


Hi Steve,
Aren’t you supposed to be on vacation? Missed you in BCN…
I don’t know how it is “supposed” to work, it just seems inconsistent to me (and a couple of others @eobet @mdesign if you read the thread)

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I agree it is inconsistent. I just want to make sure that when a dev looks at this issue that they check to see if there is an existing piece of code with an associated YT issue asking for exactly the opposite

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And it wouldn’t be the first time… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hi Robert -

That feature request is on the list as RH-57942 Join should be made aware of Per-Face properties (color, material, etc.)

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Wim pointed out that I was confused. There is an outstanding issue where users import single face surfaces that have per face colors and don’t understand why they can’t change them. This has nothing to do with join.