Assigning different color to polysurface's faces

Hi All ,
When I combine multiple different colored surfaces , I want their colors to stay the same.

like this ,

but normal rhino command when I join the surfaces automatically assign one color. I want mutiple color per face.

I will be grateful if you could help me.

I second this request. Would be nice to be able to assign materials like this too

Hi -
You attached the python tag to your topic. Is this a scripting question?

Just to make sure, do you know that you can assign different display colors to different surfaces in a polysurface?

I added that it can also be solved with python.

you are right I want to do exactly that. How can I assign different display color surfaces in a polysurface ?

Sub-object select them (Ctrl+Shift+Click) and assign a color or material as you normally would.

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ah ok it looks good thank you. Is there a way to do this in grasshopper (parameticly ) ?

No idea. Maybe via Elefront… haven’t tried.

Note also - there is a discussion of whether Join should respect “Per-Face Colors” - it’s not all that simple and not yet resolved.

ok thank you for all support

It might benefit the decision process on this join issue for you to add your thoughts here, as a user with real-world requirements for this capability. After reviewing the jet brains issue details, of course.