Join polysurfaces

What is the way to join between the 2 sides of the following pink fence? the open triangle in the middle…

One way is to Scale1D both so that they overlap, create a plane on the intersection and use that to trim both back.

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Thanks Wim
How do you create the plane on the intersection?
I don’t succeed…

exe 219.3dm (11.2 MB)

I don’t want to take away Wim’s work , but have a couple minutes . I’ll give it a try.
With intersect enabled on osnaps , I think you can creat a 3 point plane on the upper intersect points and then draw down to some mid-point on lower intersection. Then if the plane doesn’t completely pass through all , just extend surf in desired directions.
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Probably better way someone else may have

another problem which I have is that shaded mode display is wrong…
the drawing is far from 0,0 world, but moving it near 0,0 doesn’t solve the problem

  • I would make a cross-section/profile of the railing’s ‘T’ shape.
  • Draw a path.
  • Sweep one rail.

It’s easier to build and easier to change.

Good Idea :slight_smile:
I will try it
Thank you very much
And by the way - Your Lynda tutorials are wonderful !!!

If you are still having problems with this one you could try RefreshShade or ClearAllMeshes.

I have tried all - moving object to 0,0
nothing helps… almost impossible to work this way… very confusing


Does TestZBiasFactor help in any way? You’ll have to play with the values a bit…

OHHH YEHHH IT HELPS !!! :slight_smile:
Is it a new command? I didn’t find it in help menu…
What is the minimum value which is allowed?
I have reached 0.03 in order to solve the problem…

It’s actually a very old command. Back in the old days I had it in my start-up commands but in current versions of Rhino there shouldn’t be a need for it anymore - in theory. That’s why it never became a regular command (it’s a test command that doesn’t autocomplete) and why it’s not documented. Any value that helps you is allowed.

Have you started working in the WIP of Rhino 6? The display engine is overhauled and as such, now is the time to see if it behaves as you wish it should…

Thank you very much !!
OH, I didn’t know about the WIP of Rhino 6…
I will be glad to use it.
How should I get it ?

If you log onto discourse here with the eMail address that you used to register your version of RH5, you will get access to the Serengeti category. The Welcome to Serengeti thread that is pinned near the top of that category contains a link to the download page.

I will do that
Thank you sooo much