"Join" no longer working properly in 5A751

I just downloaded the newest 5A751, I have a MacBook Pro, 15" Early 2011 running Yosemite, and the “Join” command is no longer working as before, and I can’t figure out if there is a way to adjust it.

The first screen shot has three curves on a flat plane.

After using the join command, instead of simply joining the touching edges into a single curve it pulls the other corners together to become a closed curve. I can’t find an option to disable it closing the curve.

Here’s some more information. I did some tests, and it only seems to have this problem when the open curves are too close together. I’m using the Large Template with Feet as the unit.
The top is spaced by an inch, and then progressively closer until 1/8 of an inch separated and then there’s the problem. I reverted back to the previous WIP and the problem persists there.

I can’t duplicate that behavior.
Please post a simple file with instructions on what to do go duplicate the problem.
If we can’t repeat it here, we can’t fix it.


hey John

here’s a file that does it (using the large object - Feet template then drawing the shape @RistPhoto is showing 1/8" apart)… select all three lines then run Join

join.3dm (37.2 KB)

changing the tolerance to .001 units instead of .01 fixes the behavior.

That’s not a bug. 1/8" is less than 0.02’. Joining uses 2x tolerance. If you’re going to draw details that small then you tolerance needs to be one order of magnitude tighter than the smallest drawn object, or as you discovered, 0.001’.

There’s a good FAQ on Tolerances. You should read it now that you have your attention.


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Ah… that explains it. Thanks to you both!