Join curves that occur at same index

I have various sets of curves in different trees, say 9 branches in each tree. I want to join the first branch of each tree, and and second branch of each tree, etc. and end up with 9 curves that are each composed of 3 line segments.

Example .gh file is attached.
Join curves (8.2 KB)

I was actually able to solve this myself with this simplified script! Grasshopper already only joins curves that occur at the same branch index, so I just had to graft each of the inputs and then I get 9 joined curves.

In my real file, the issue was one set of curves had a different level of branches, and I needed to trim that tree to get the data to align with the other tree branches.
Join curves (8.6 KB)

You didn’t have a tree at all…

Join (18.3 KB)

Thanks Joseph! I had a tree in my bigger file, but flattened the data when I internalized it in this example. Grafting those curves allowed the Join Curve function to work as intended. Nice to see the example here using Entwine to organize the data - thanks!

Grafting and merging gets the same data tree as Entwine and Flip Matrix:

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