Jitter objects/blocks -> replacement for Harmony Script

Hello Newsgroup,

In the past I very often used the awesome harmony script from Rayflectar:

(Image by Rayflectar!)

to introduce some random translation / scaling / rotation to certain objects or blocks, mostly to make it look more natural.

Unfortunately the scrip is not working anymore in R7, so I wonder if anyone out there might have a easy to use alternative. I am sure it might be a rather easy thing to do in Grasshopper but it is ,so I learned in the last 2 hours, over my abilities.

Any Ideas?

thanks !


I just bought this…

I think it is missing the scaling option… I will write here how it performs.

I would still be thankful for an alternative since I have the impression that the possibilities of the aforementioned plugin a rather limited…

Hi Andreas,

Have you tried the good old QuantumTransform plugin by David Rutten?
It’s quite ancient but still works brilliantly for such needs.
I am not sure why it is gone from David’s Rhino Wiki Page, but here it is:
QuantumTransform.rhp (48 KB)

Once you install, see the commands starting with Quantum… it’s pretty self-explanatory, you can either eyeball the values by mouse or limit tranforms scopes numerically.



thank you Jarek,
Indeed I remember :wink:
I did not think that those would still work !!!
thank you → I will try them out .